Logicworks employs the best tools available to protect web properties and applications as well as the critical data they contain. From the operating system images to how we validate and respond to client requests, each aspect of Logicworks operations incorporates exhaustive security considerations. You don’t just have to take our word for it: each year Logicworks certified accounting firm audits our controls and procedures for our SAS 70 Type II certification.

Managed Firewalls

Logicworks offers dedicated firewalls based on the Linux IP tables feature set which offer granular control of what traffic is permitted into and out of a clients’ netblock. Firewalls are configured in pairs, sharing a VIP on the internal interface and connecting to Logicworks network core via multiple routed, rather than switched, interfaces. Firewalls are typically configured with Gig-E interfaces, and can be augmented with bonded Gig-E interfaces for even higher throughput.

Virtual Private Networks

Logicworks offers the full range of Cisco PIX and Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) VPN endpoints to allow secure, dedicated connectivity to clients servers at Logicworks from clients’ headquarters or third party data providers. Cisco VPN endpoints allow for both nailed-up network-to-network connectivity as well as software client access. While VPN connectivity is not necessarily required for typical administration, it reflects the best practices approach to perimeter security.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

In partnership with Alert Logic, Logicworks offers intrusion detection as a managed service. Alert Logic's 24x7 Network Operation Center provides real time response to detected events and continually updated attack signatures. Upon the detection of an event, Alert Logic notifies both Logicworks and our clients immediately, whereupon Logicworks will immediately initiate corrective actions.

Penetration Testing

Either on client request, or at regularly scheduled intervals, Logicworks can sweep client networks for all currently-known attack vectors. If any vulnerabilities are detected, Logicworks can assist in locking down and securing those weaknesses. Logicworks regularly scans its own networks for any vulnerabilities, as required by its SAS 70 Type II and PCI audit requirements.


For clients where standard security practices are not enough, Logicworks offers token-based two-factor authentication and can restrict all administrative access to a client’s architecture using RSA SecurID. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security beyond just passwords.

Logicworks Managed Security services are a necessary component of any compliant hosting solution. Whether Graham Leach Bliley, HIPAA, or PCI, Logicworks security solutions offer best practices solutions with rapid predictable deployments, all backed by deep expertise in security, across all components of Private Cloud infrastructures.