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Launch Your SaaS Solution on
the Cloud

We have worked with hundreds of SaaS companies to build and manage their cloud environments

Deliver Software on a Secure, Compliant Cloud

Your customers don’t want the hassle of maintaining software and servers. By delivering your product as a cloud-based SaaS, you can offer faster onboarding and greater scalability. Logicworks works with hundreds of healthcare, finance, retail, and analytics software companies to achieve more efficient operations on the cloud.

Build IaaS resources to run your software

Reduce cloud security and compliance burden

Leverage machine learning, analytics

Automate the build-out of new client environments

“Logicworks provides us the ability to offer a SaaS model while continuing to provide our clients the highest security, privacy, and performance standards.”

Paul Viskovich, Orion Health

Our Cloud Services for SaaS Companies

Migrate to a Compliant Cloud

Design and build a compliant cloud that’s optimized for SaaS workloads.

Operate a Compliant Cloud

Get 24×7 support for your cloud from a team of experienced cloud experts.

Optimize your Cloud

Already on the cloud and need to optimize for cost, performance, or ensure compliance? Logicworks can help.

The #1 Infrastructure Partner for Cloud SaaS

Learn how Orion Health, one of the largest health SaaS platforms in the country, built software on AWS with more than  80 million health records. Get more details on how Logicworks:

  • Designs compliant AWS infrastructure
  • Automates build-out of single tenant SaaS clouds
  • Monitors AWS infrastructure 24×7

Read the Orion Health Case Study

Key Features

Access to SaaS Cloud Experts
Highest concentration of professionally certified experts in the industry

Cloud Audit Support
One sentence of explanatory copy that’s not too long, not too short.

Continuous, PCI, SOC, HIPAA Compliance
Maintain audit ready infrastructure and ongoing protection

Ready for DevOps
Transform your IT organization to deploy advanced DevOps best practices

Easy to Scale
Apply DevOps best practices to respond to changes in your business requirements

Ready for Big Data, Machine Learning
Gain actionable insights and respond to customer needs quickly

AWS Control Tower: The Perfect Tool for SaaS

Do you run single-tenant environments for each SaaS customer? Then AWS Control Tower is the perfect tool for you. Logicworks can help you:

  • Automate the entire customer environment build-out process, from infrastructure to security to application installation, reducing customer onboarding to just a few hours
  • Put clients in separate groups of accounts based on compliance needs, but still manage billing and account administration centrally
  • Give your team access to launching AWS resources from a pre-approved “catalog” with core security requirements built-in