Logicworks Healthcare Cloud

Logicworks designs, builds, and manages medical-grade Hosted Private Clouds and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures, serving as a Business Associate for some of the nation's largest care providers and healthcare application vendors.

Logicworks is a leader in providing HIPAA Compliant cloud solutions, with years of experience delivering medical-grade hosted cloud computing solutions. Logicworks' healthcare clients report very high confidence that the infrastructure running their technical, analytics, and industry applications is HIPAA compliant, and always available.

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Healthcare Cloud Services powered by VMware and EMC

Key benefits reported by Logicworks' healthcare clients also include:

IT Productivity

Your in-house IT team best serves your organization by focusing on applications, not on infrastructure. Logicworks' clients report tremendous gains in staff utilization- in some cases recapturing 80% of the IT team's working time.

Application Retirement

Logicworks infrastructure and backup services enable your organization to move legacy applications to the cloud, freeing up resources to focus on achieving key usage benchmarks with new software.

Application-Specific Infrastructure Requirements

Logicworks Healthcare Clouds are built with your application environment and roadmap in mind. Application-specific requirements are consistently met without issue.


Logicworks serves clients directly, as well as through partner support. We provide tremendous flexibility, and have experience working as a sub-contractor for global systems integrators, as a delivery partner for small application consulting firms, and directly with covered entities and application providers.