Software-Driven Operations

Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) unite many different IT disciplines, with the ultimate goal of using software to maintain high availability and performance at scale.

Logicworks understands data structures, writes custom automation code, and then maintains that code 24x7x365 in the same way that costly, dedicated SRE teams do at the most advanced technology companies in the world. When you outsource cloud management to Logicworks, you gain access to a fleet of SREs and automation experts whose mission is maintaining 100% uptime for every client. 


Automated scaling and a blend of proprietary automation scripts maintain 100% availability with little to no human intervention.


Our engineers write software that builds and scales AWS cloud resources to facilitate CI/CD on your team. 


Our library of automation scripts launches and maintains massive, complex, compliant infrastructure for the nation's largest brands.


We make changes to templates, not instances. This significantly reduces risk, decreases fix time, and centralizes change management.

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