Accelerate Development

Complex deployment pipelines are often time-consuming and challenging to automate. But when your infrastructure is code, sophisticated deployment automation tools eliminate human error, reduce time-to-market, foster experimentation, and ultimately deliver better products.

Logicworks solutions will streamline and automate your deployment process while suppporting your team to reduce common hurdles and initial time-to-adoption. From custom tooling and threat analysis to fill team and compliance support, talk to us today to learn how Logicworks can help automate your cloud. 


Depending on your specific needs, we use AWS CodeDeploy, AWS ElasticBeanstalk, Docker, and other tools to automate rapid deployment cycles.


Our security testing and configuration management frameworks allow for seamless threat analysis in your deployment pipeline.


We build custom deployment tools and then support your internal team in using them correctly.


Jenkins and other tools are responsible for initiating code scanning, unit testing, and running scheduled jobs like backups and sanity checks on your code.


Centralized auditing, logging, and permissions of an automated deployment can make it easier to comply with internal controls.


We abstract application deployment from infrastructure deployment so you can deploy independently or with support.

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