Streamline System Configuration

DevOps teams rely on configuration management to maintain a single source of consistent, documented system configuration. As enterprise infrastructure becomes code and instances can be spun up or down with a few clicks, this protection is absolutely essential for complex deployments.

Logicworks maintains a library of configuration management templates in Puppet and other tools that can increase the efficiency, stability, visibility, and reliability of your cloud infrastructure. Let us help your team reduce manual work and increase the security and scalability of your cloud. 


Configuration scripts can replace the need for a perfectly baked AMI, which increases flexibility and reduces manual reconfiguration in diverse environments. 


Configuration Management makes it possible to bring up fully configured environments rapidly without human intervention. 


A mature Software Development Lifecycle manages the development and maintenance of manifests and provides central documentation for system configuration. 


We describe what the infrastructure should look like, and configuration tools detect and correct instances to maintain proper configurations.

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