Self-Healing Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure should be both flexible and disposable. Our architecture automation scripts can bring up entire environments, configured for your security and compliance requirements, with little to no human intervention. This allows you to create the infrastructure that supports new lines of business in minutes and respond instantly to the failure of any part of the system.


Using load balancers and a blend of proprietary automation scripts, our cloud environments maintain 100% availability with rapid failover.


Custom AWS CloudFormation templates establish security groups, IAM roles, VPC peering, and more in order to easily replicate environments.


We implement a continuous integration/ continuous deployment architecture that fits your organization's needs using Jenkins, AWS CodeDeploy, Artifactory, etc.


Depending on requirements, we configure base AMIs and fine-tune them to specific instance types. 


Our automation scripts are held in a Git repository where they can be checked out by version (or branch), making them reproducible and easily deployable as new instances.


We automate the addition and subtraction of resources so that your business can balance cost efficiency, boot time, performance, and risk. 

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