High-availability is an absolute requirement for today’s critical Internet applications. Logicworks offers high-availability solutions for every aspect of a client’s operating infrastructure: from the network core, to firewalls and load balancers, to databases and storage.

Logicworks engineering team has deep expertise and extensive hands-on experience in the critical and most challenging elements of high-availability implementations.

Load Balancing

StingRay Load Balancing is available as a virtual machine appliance, which continually performs application health checks, routing around any failed servers, and can direct traffic to the least loaded server. Scaling, either by adding physical or virtual servers to a pool, becomes predictable and straightforward with a load-balanced front-end.

Database Clustering & Replication
Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres

Clustering allows for instantaneous failovers of databases to ensure transaction integrity and virtually instantaneous failover in the event of a primary server failure. Logicworks DBAs for Oracle, Microsoft, MySQL and PostgreS database platforms help design and implement database architectures that ensure no transactions are ever lost.