Logicworks brings to bear its nearly two decades of experience in managed hosting and support of complex IT environments to what's running inside customers’ cloud, from Web and application servers, to storage and transaction-intensive databases.

Virtual Machines
Cloudstack, Vmware, Redhat, Citrix Xen

Servers that were previously kept on separate physical chassis for functional segregation can be consolidated in a dedicated cloud environment. With so many options to host customers’ VM’s, Logicworks talented engineers can help identify the proper hypervisor to suit a business’ specific needs.

Web & Application Servers
NGINX, Apache, .net

We realize that our customers’ web application servers are one of the most critical components of how they scale. With Logicworks, customers have full control over the environment with dedicated and guaranteed resources, as well as the redundancy and scalability that our Cloud provides.

Database Servers
Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres

Our team of database experts help properly size and manage our customers’ database systems. This is an all-inclusive service provided by Logicworks. Being able to rightsize customers’ DB can increase performance and efficiency for your total application. Having the experience to scale your DB is what Logicworks does best.

Storage: Isilon Storage and VnX

Having absolutely reliable storage is the cornerstone building block for all environments. EMC Isilon scale-out storage provides immediate, undisrupted storage expansion, and additional host servers can be easily added to both Hosted Private Clouds and AZs. Logicworks offers 1Gbps and 10Gbps connectivity to Isilon storage for unmatched reliability and performance in the cloud. VNX storage allows Logicworks to meet dynamic customer performance demands in one of the most efficient ways possible, providing high performance SSD storage over fiber channel, moderate performance over iSCSI, or a large archival volume over NFS.