HIPAA Compliant Hosting

HIPAA Compliant Hosting
With the digital health care revolution in full swing and health informatics departments across the country hard at work replacing paper trails with on-demand applications, Logicworks’ cloud computing solutions provide the perfect complement for the range qualitative security and compliance concerns faced in the healthcare industry. Regardless of application use, whether you are a SaaS platform, direct consumer, warehousing data or data mining, or focused on ePII or ePHI, Logicworks’ security solutions allow organizations to meet their goals around HIPAA compliance.

Logicworks’ cloud solutions provide the perfect complement for the range of infrastructure needs across the healthcare spectrum, employing the latest technology to tackle the scalability and compliance process demands associated with storing and retrieving health records online.


Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Electronic Health Records (EHR), and Health Information Exchange (HIE) providers are increasingly seeing hospitals and physicians beginning to populate their applications with voluminous patient information and high-resolution medical images. Not surprisingly, technologists are looking to the cloud to address these massive scalability challenges.

Logicworks offers dedicated, segregated Private Cloud solutions to meet scale and compliance requirements – addressing the inherent security and compliance limitations of Public Cloud platforms and shared hosting environments. The Logicworks Private Cloud offers a hosting environment with cloud computing capabilities as well as built-in security features for HIPAA infrastructure compliance. A VMware ESX cluster allows easy resource optimization across virtual machines with rapid scalability. All patient data is isolated onto dedicated, redundant storage behind a De-Militarized Zone (DMZ) with Managed Intrusion Detection (IDS), Log Management, and Daily Penetration Scans included as standard features.


HIPAA compliance relies more on process than simply technology, and Logicworks’ compliant cloud solutions work to ensure that all compliance requirements are met on both fronts.

HIPAA compliant clouds require that Covered Entities, such as HMOs, group health plans, etc., meet specific standards. Logicworks provides cloud solutions that ensure customers comply with HIPAA’s newest “Security Rule”. Clients provide the methodology for compliance, and Logicworks provides enterprise-level cloud hosting and database services in carrier-grade facilities. The results is a compliant, cost effective solution.

Logicworks adheres to the guideline that HIPAA compliant solutions meet the following criteria:

  • Identification & Authentication: Process that correctly identifies and authenticates users
  • Authorized Priveleges & Access Control: Authorizations that can be obtained
  • Confidentiality: Access controls to ensure that there is no accidental or unauthorized disclosure of data through encryption
  • Integrity: Measures to ensure that data does not get unintentionally or maliciously altered
  • Accountability: Monitor and record actions or behaviors of users, which audit how data is accessed