Managed Amazon Web Services

Access AWS' Full Suite of Features and Applications Backed By Logicworks' Industry Leading Managed Services

Amazon Web Services Partner Network Consulting PartnerWhether you are just getting started on AWS or are looking for support for your existing AWS cloud, Logicworks' team of top-tier system administrators, cloud engineers, and network technicians customize solutions to the goals and specific requirements of your company, while meeting enterprise-grade performance, reliability, and security standards.

Logicworks Managed AWS Service can support the wide-ranging requirements for both new and existing AWS users.

New AWS users:

  • Get up and running quickly, avoiding pitfalls
  • Leverage ongoing guidance and support from Logicworks 24/7/365 expert bench
  • Uncover the best features and functionality to support your business goals
  • Benefit from enterprise-grade monitoring to proactively manage costs more effectively

Existing AWS users:

  • Refocus internal resources on development and innovation
  • Implement best practices and new features
  • Utilize Logicworks' NOC to handle alerts
  • Lean on Logicworks 24/7/365 expert engineering bench including database services
  • Benefit from enterprise-grade monitoring to proactively manage costs more effectively

Logicworks Managed AWS service includes:

  • Application Rationalization: Our project-based consulting service that assists your IT operation in developing a cloud computing strategy
  • Cloud Design: Through our design service, we recommend the appropriate services and features for each application
  • Configuration Management: Logicworks will work directly with your developers to understand your application and implement a strategy that includes automation for provisioning, scaling, and reacting to the changing requirements of your environment
  • Cloud Implementation: Upon your approval of Logicworks' Cloud Design, pull the trigger on our Cloud Implementation service and allow our engineers to build your AWS environment
  • Cloud Management: Once your AWS environment is built and your migration is complete, Logicworks Cloud Management provides ongoing support and proactive maintenance
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Our Hybrid Cloud services are available to create cross-over solutions that combine AWS with private clouds, dedicated servers, and colocated equipment
  • Single Pane of Glass: Take advantage of the best aspects of AWS and traditional dedicated servers under one comprehensive service package