Logicworks Digital Media Series Presents “Just Say No To SQL” at The Standard


Logicworks Digital Media Series Presents “Just Say No To SQL”

The Next Wave of Open-Source Innovation Hits the Mainstream: Highly Scalable NoSQL Databases

NEW YORK, NY – July 20th, 2011 – The New York technology community is abuzz with five letters that seem to have revolutionized the web: “NoSQL.”  What is NoSQL?  It’s a group of free open-source database platforms that take their names from movie theater wizards, ancient Greek prophecy, and acronyms containing words like “unreliable.”  This Wednesday night some of the biggest names in New York Tech including Gilt Groupe, Foursquare, and Mashable will converge for an invitation-only event at The Standard Hotel sponsored by Logicworks with the goal of unraveling the mysteries of NoSQL.

Since the invention of databases, the primary goal has been consistency of data.  Data consistency means that all the data in the database is in sync and transactions are only applied to an up-to-date set of records.  Imagine a world without data consistency:  Two people could be issued the same social security number!  Your teenage daughter could simultaneously max out your credit card at a dozen different websites!  Companies like Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM all produce mainstream database platforms designed to prevent this type of catastrophe.  And so why on earth would anyone want a database that doesn’t guarantee consistency? 

The answer is that social media has a very different set of priorities than traditional businesses like banks and retail stores.  The key for social media is to handle massive amounts of data.  With millions of users posting tweets, comments, and viral content like images, documents, and multimedia, consistency takes the back seat to performance and flexibility.  Tools like “Cassandra,” named for Apollo’s unrequited love who could predict the future, “Project Voldemort”, “MongoDB” and “CouchDB” which stands for “Cluster of Unreliable Commodity Hardware,” provide lesser degrees of consistency but can easily scale across huge amounts of servers and handle massive peaks in traffic. 

“The technology requirements of social media websites are staggering and continue to grow exponentially,” says Logicworks President and Chief Operating Officer Kenneth Ziegler.  “This year we witnessed our first client to hit over ten billion impressions in a single month.”  According to Ziegler, Logicworks’ clients are increasingly depending on the scalability features of NoSQL databases to handle this growth while maintaining the fast responsiveness that users expect from their favorite websites.  Ziegler adds “Logicworks is sponsoring this series of Digital Media Publishing events including tonight’s NoSQL forum so that successful technology pioneers can share their trials, tribulations, and accomplishments with the broader community.”

Moderated by Christina Warren of Mashable, tonight’s panel will include Michael Bryzek, CTO & Founder at Gilt Groupe, Harry Heymann, Head of Server Engineering at Foursquare, Frank Weigel, Director of Products at Couchbase, Matt Pfeil, VP of Customer Solutions and Co-Founder at DataStax, Dave Connors, VP of Operations at Constant Contact and Dwight Merriman, CEO at 10Gen.

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