Logicworks Selects Equinix's Premier Colocation Facilities for Data Center Expansion

NEW YORK, NY June 3, 2008; Logicworks, a leading provider of high-availability hosting solutions to support business-critical applications and content, today announced it has expanded into Equinix’s New York-4 (NY4) Internet Business Exchange (IBX®) center in Secaucus, New Jersey to deliver its complex managed hosting services and solutions.

The new NY4 center is Equinix’s fourth in the New York Metro area and its largest in the United States. At 340,000 square feet, the new center is the size of five football fields. Designed to ensure optimal conditions for equipment operation, the Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC) system provides appropriate airflow, temperature and humidity throughout the center.

“Equinix’s facility includes the most modern design, power, cooling and security provisioning, all of which were deciding factors in our facilities expansion.” said Kenneth Ziegler, president and COO of Logicworks. “Our clients require the highest level of system availability. Equinix understands facility management and capacity planning at a level we can appreciate given our experience utilizing these services. Their new facilities are a natural fit with Logicworks’ core mission of keeping our complex hosting clients up and running 100% of the time.”

Logicworks’ designs fully fault-tolerant systems for its growing client base, and will deploy rack-mountable servers, storage arrays, network and other devices to serve the needs of its growing client base throughout the world.

Logicworks plans to expand into Equinix’s West Coast facilities later this year.