Logicworks Partners with Terrapass to Launch "Eco-Friendly" Carbon Offset Program


NEW YORK, NY – April 21, 2008 –- Logicworks, a leading provider of high-availability hosting solutions to support business-critical applications and content, today announced its new eco-friendly carbon offset program. Effective immediately, through its partnership with Terrapass, Logicworks will provide customers with a way to balance out the carbon dioxide emissions generated from the data centers though which it delivers its complex hosting and managed database services. 

The partnership with TerraPass is the latest initiative in Logicworks’ sustainability platform. The company has several energy conservation activities already in practice including the architecture of its office headquarters. Logicworks’ new 14,000 square foot office, located on the Avenue of the Americas in New York City, integrates an eco-friendly design to maximize the use of natural light, live plants, and a range of recycled and environmentally-friendly materials. Additionally, Logicworks transports its employees and servers between data centers using only hybrid vehicles.

While Logicworks will be purchasing offsets for all of its servers under management, the company will allow both new and existing customers to participate in the program. Customers can signify their participation by displaying a Logicworks/Terrapass carbon neutral logo on their Website or any marketing materials.

“TerraPass provides a simple and effective way for us to act immediately on climate change,” said Carter Burden, Logicworks’ Founder and CEO.  “Datacenters are one of the fastest-growing contributors to carbon emissions worldwide. The growth of the Internet and corresponding processing requirements will continue to vastly outpace any gains in power efficiency made by hardware manufacturers. Supporting the development of clean power through our partnership with Terrapass allows us to be good citizens of the planet without having to curtail the growth of our business.”

TerraPass is the leading consumer retailer of carbon offsets. TerraPass funds clean energy and efficiency projects, which reduce greenhouse gas emissions so that individuals and businesses can balance out their own emissions of carbon dioxide, the principle greenhouse gas responsible for global warming. The partnership with Logicworks will help to reduce over 4 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions by the end of 2008, and well over 5 million in 2009.

“This partnership demonstrates an increased awareness of and commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” said TerraPass CEO Erik Blachford. “We’re hopeful that attention will continue to grow around the critical need for action on data center emissions, and that more individuals and businesses will follow Logicworks’ lead in mitigating their environmental impact.”

Please visit www.logicworks.net/terrapass and www.terrapass.com/logicworks for more information.