Logicworks Becomes First Authorized MySQL Platinum Hosting Partner in the U.S.


 As an Authorized MySQL Hosting Partner, Logicworks Delivers the Technical Expertise to Support Complex, Business-Critical Applications Built on MySQL Enterprise

NEW YORK, NY – February 5, 2008 –- Logicworks, a leading provider of high-availability hosting solutions to support business-critical applications, today announced it has joined the MySQL Authorized Hosting Partner Program, at the Platinum Level. As the first authorized partner of the program in U.S., Logicworks will offer customers a managed MySQL Enterprise database for the delivery of mission-critical applications.  This additional offering complements Logicworks’ Managed Database Services, which includes a suite of services geared towards minimizing database downtime under any circumstance, as well as ensuring that no transactions are lost in the process of recovery.

“A longstanding supporter of MySQL, Logicworks has been instrumental in the creation of this program,” said Rich Nigro, service provider business manager at MySQL AB.  “The MySQL Authorized Hosting Partner Program will enable top-tier Managed Hosting Providers, such as Logicworks, to distinguish themselves by offering premier, MySQL-certified services based on MySQL Enterprise software and support.”

With this new program, Logicworks will offer customers premier MySQL-certified services including the ability to run the MySQL Enterprise Server, while Logicworks utilizes the MySQL’s Enterprise Monitor and production technical support to ensure their customers’ service levels are met. Leveraging the suite of MySQL Enterprise’s database and monitoring software plus production support, Logicworks can deliver highly availability, scalable, and high performance data management.  MySQL has proven to reduce database TCO by 90%, offering a cost-effective open source solution for companies looking to reduce their costs.

“With the delivery of a formalized MySQL Hosting Partner Program, MySQL continues to expand the reach of its open source database software beyond the enterprise by offering this cost-effective solution,” said Carter Burden, CEO, Logicworks. “Logicworks has always been a proponent of MySQL and with the inauguration of this partner program, we are looking forward to offering our customers increased scalability, high availability, and support of their MySQL managed database services. Partners like MySQL help us to deliver our high Service Level Agreements (SLA) and 100% uptime guarantees.”

The hosting partnership establishes Logicworks as a premier hosting provider supplying the strongest MySQL services, software and offerings to their customers.  Utilizing MySQL Enterprise, Logicworks will further enhance its promise to deliver scalable, cost-effective and highly available solutions. 

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