Media Cloud Solutions


Logicworks supports the leading media companies to provide differentiated cloud hosting solutions well suited for organizations with high-traffic, high-growth content requiring maximum availability and performance.

Content providers regularly face make-or-break moments on their sites. From Super Bowl ads, to newsworthy events, important polls or elections, to successful marketing campaigns, traffic spikes are common so the infrastructure support of these sites has to be up to the challenge. The Logicworks team integrates with customers' operations and business units to ensure the right level of availability during these exciting heavy traffic times. Building the right cloud is paramount, but having a business partner like Logicworks committed to our customers' success is critical to getting the most of cloud infrastructure.

Our customers consistently give us high marks for our ability to launch projects quickly and isolate issues as they arise. We approach each request with deep expertise and understanding of the connection between the CMS and CDN, as well as best practices around page performance and traffic management. With significant fluctuations in traffic being the norm, our customers also benefit from our Auto-Scaling capability and the Logicworks Public Cloud, which allows our customers to ramp up capacity quickly and pay only for what they need.


Managed Hosting & Cloud Computing for the Media Industry


Logicworks Media Solutions Include:

Managed CMS for Drupal and Wordpress

Efficient publishing is at the heart of critical content sites. For those working with or seeking to migrate to Drupal or Wordpress, we've developed a series of best practices for migrating, installing, scaling, managing, backing up, and updating these leading content management systems. We also provide expert support with Alfresco, Joomla, and other commercial CMS tools.

Page Performance and Remote Monitoring

Logicworks offers managed Gomez services to track web application performance from your users' browsers all the way to our data center. This service gives Logicworks' customers deeper diagnostic detail, greater accuracy, and truly actionable data needed to rapidly detect and troubleshoot problems using real-user passive monitoring – all of which ensures high Web application availability and optimized performance for key user segments across transactions and geographies. Gomez also improves web application performance, improves web experiences across mobile, streaming and web applications (including Rich Internet Applications), and reduces downtime and response times with detailed object-level, page, connection, and host data across multiple browsers.

Managed Content Delivery Services and Management

Logicworks offers managed CDN services for customers looking to distribute content more effectively while improving the content flow of media-rich files, such as pictures and movies, to end-users from around the globe with dazzling speed.

Managed Auto-Scaling

Ever break news on your site and quadruple your traffic in minutes? Why pay for peak-load capacity when you only periodically require it? With managed auto-scaling, Logicworks can build a solution based on financial and traffic parameters to ensure your cloud infrastructure expands and contracts, only paying for extra infrastructure capacity when needed.

Traffic Management and Load-Balancing

To control where your traffic is delivered and to ensure that your cloud is redundant and performing optimally, Logicworks offers Zeus load-balancing and traffic management on a fully managed basis.

Developer Utility Services

Logicworks offers a developer utility server which provides a toolkit based on the most popular platforms we've seen in use across our extensive customer base: Gitorious, User-Friendly SVN, Bugzilla, Redmine, MediaWiki, and Chef. Logicworks takes responsibility for keeping the applications/change management image up to date and backs up and restores all customers to the latest versions on a quarterly basis.