Private Cloud infrastructure for CRM and Software as a Service Companies
Logicworks is a first rate company and a great partner. They make sure our services are on, that the bandwidth my customers need is there, and that our applications are up and running. Logicworks consistently ensures that our customers are getting what they need.
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Customer Relationship
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Logicworks Private Cloud

iMagiclab provides their Customer Relationship Management software to thousands of auto dealers nation wide from their Logicworks infrastructure. Logicworks created a single, Private Cloud infrastructure capable of delivering multiple instances of the iMagiclab’s solution with a unified front end while other providers were forced to rely on multiple, segregated infrastructures.

The result: iMagiclab saved thousands of dollars every month and the performance and uptime of this mission critical application to iMagiclabs' customers improved.

Lack of responsive service from Rackspace
Growing fast, weren’t keeping up with their company goals for growth
Didn't offer in-depth managed database services
Wanted creative design for database infrastructure to achieve scalability, better manageability, and long-term cost savings
Logicworks Solutions 
Private Cloud infrastructure that handles thousands of transactions per minute per day without interruption
Protected, sensitive data monitored and guarded by Logicworks
Uncompromising customer service

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