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Education SaaS Platform Saves 60% on AWS Costs

Download a PDF of the LinkIt! Case Study here. 

LinkIt! provides real-time data services to educational companies including school districts, publishers, and test-prep organizations. Their software allows test-takers to see their grades in real time, and simultaneously sends metrics and analysis to the organization administering the test. Chief Information Officer Karen Winter took over technical operations during a period of rapid growth. After bringing on a quick series of new clients across the country, Karen’s team had their hands full updating the product capabilities and adding new features.

“We were purely focused on product development and didn’t have time to keep an eye on our cloud resources,” explains Winter. “We saw our cloud spend double and then double again, and that’s when we realized that we needed an expert to help us optimize our AWS resources. Through a combination of eliminating waste, right-sizing, and utilizing new features and services, Logicworks cut down our AWS bill by over sixty percent.”

Logicworks is a Premier AWS Consulting Partner that offers expert cloud engineering services and support. Logicworks is one of only three partners in the country that is endorsed by AWS to practice AWS Well-Architected Framework reviews and remediation. Logicworks assesses cloud systems according to the principles of cost optimization, security, reliability, performance efficiency, and operational excellence. The assessment is then followed by a series of improvements implemented by Logicworks engineers. Logicworks specializes in mission-critical web-based applications like Software-as-a-Service, financial and healthcare applications, and eCommerce.

After the optimization engagement, LinkIt! retained Logicworks for continuing AWS Cloud Management. Logicworks monitors the AWS environment, offers 24x7x365 engineering support, and conducts regular reviews to ensure that LinkIt! takes advantage of the latest AWS features and services. “While our team is quite savvy in terms of cloud technology, it’s also incredibly helpful to have an expert resource on hand,” says Winter. “Logicworks helps us to evaluate new cloud capabilities, implement changes, and stay on top of ongoing administration and cost management.”

LinkIt! continues to see growth upwards of forty percent per year and shows no signs of slowing down. The relationship with Logicworks allows Karen’s team to focus on exceeding customer expectations for product innovation and support with the confidence that infrastructure is running smoothly and efficiently.

Do you have concerns or questions about the performance, security, or monthly cost of your AWS or Azure environment? Contact Logicworks.