Who’s Who in Cloud October 5, 2012

Welcome to Friday! A lot of great articles on cloud were published this week, with major trends broadly focused on Oracle, open source clouds, and cloud adoption. What were you seeing most of? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @CloudGathering.

Krish Subramanian: Open source dynamics: Shall we put an end to meaningless arguments?

Brandon Butler: Open source cloud slow to catch on, survey finds.

Tom Raftery: Can we hack open source clouds to reduce emissions?

Julie Bort: Here’s how Larry Ellison invented cloud computing.

Klint Finley: Larry Ellison just embraced the enemy. Or did he?

Joe McKendrick: Cloud’s full impact is still three years away, survey finds.

Sean Ludwig: Cloud heretic 4sync challenges the gospel of Dropbox.

Derrick Harris: GoDaddy quietly kills its cloud service.

Barb Darrow: Will Amazon break into Europe?

David Linthicum: Buyers say cloud is already tired out.

Andi Mann: 10 ways IT can own cloud decisions.

Ben Kepes: On open source cloud adoption.

Philbert Shih: Cloud is hopping the border to Canada!

Joe Panettieri: Oracle vs. Amazon cloud storage: reality check!

David Marshall: VMware simplifies compliance for business-critical apps in the cloud.

Joab Jackson: Oracle adds more cloud finesse to Solaris.

Alex Williams: For Oracle its about the machine not the fantasy of a new world.

By Jake Gardner

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