Who’s Who in Cloud October 12, 2012

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Welcome back to Friday! There were a lot of great articles circulating the internets this week on cloud. Some of the major themes we have been seeing is a greater focus on open source clouds and their business value, big moves by IBM and VMware, and the increasing cloud integration across SMBs and the enterprise.

Barb Darrow: Comcast looks to OpenStack

Krishnan Subramanian: Cloud architecture and best of breed

David Linthicum: Lacking Data Integration, Cloud Computing Suffers

Alex Williams: IBM is going hard on big data.

Brandon Butler: Marketplaces are the new and best places to find the cloud you are looking for.

Ben Kepes: Box is making some moves to counter Salesforce.

Christian Verstraete: The business value of cloud: Improve Productivity.

David MarshallVMware making some more moves with vCloud update.

Derrick Harris: IO Data Centers has raised $90m for a new approach to the corporate data center.

Joe McKendrick: Fortune 500 CIOs seem happy with cloud computing.

Chris Miller: IBM and AT&T are working together to provide cloud storage for the cellular giant’s global network.

Bernard Golden: Cloud computing pushes vendors to seek new roles in IT value chain.

Denise Dubie: IT, the business and innovation: Where’s the love?

Reuven Cohen: OpenStack, Machiavelli, and The Art of War.

Dana Gardner: BancVue leverages VMware server virtualization to generate cloud benefits.

By Jake Gardner

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