Who’s Who in Cloud August 24, 2012

FRIDAYYYYYYY!!!! Check out the best of this week’s cloud publishings. Let me know if you have other recommendations for some great reads!

David Linthicum: Great overview on how to think about and the pitfalls of selecting a private cloud.

Oleg Shilovitsy: Cloud security and the iPhone 5 – Apple addicts read here!

Brandon Butler: No cloud taxation without representation! Do tread on my infrastructure!

Klint Finley: Amazon’s Glacier might not be so cost happy as we all hope – storing vs. retrieving are two different things!

Matt Weinberger: Amazon Glacier melts compared to some competition.

Denis Dubie: How do you master your cloud approach?

Dana Gardner: Great interview with VMware CTO Steve Herrod.

David Marshall: Dell is getting more serious in the cloud.

Ben Kepes: After the security breaches of late, how do we really approach cloud security?

Krishnan Subramanian: Engine Yard is ramping up, and its cool to see.

Barb Darrow: Rackspace’s cloud monitor is based on its Cloudkick acquisition. Cool beans from a big cloud player.

Chris Coggrave: How to Cloud-enable your data center. Thanks HP!

Nari Kannan: Cloud is a major driver of agile software development. FOR REALS.

Peter Wayner: Google’s compute engine adn cloud approach are actually pretty sweet. Watch out Amazon! (Not really).

Sharon Shapiro: Microsoft is making a run at Google in the cloud space. This should be sweet.

Paul Krill: Explaining the anger the Woz felt for Cloud.

Rick Blaisdell: Anything-As-A-Service is for real. There goes our marketing in!

Joe McKendrick: Enterprises want more than the basic value props from the cloud. Shadow IT, what do you have to say about that???

By Jake Gardner

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