Big Data Service

Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

Logicworks utilizes EMC Isilon storage which adds the HDFS protocol to all the benefits of their scale-out NAS architecture. Your data on the Isilon cluster will be accessible via HDFS as an over the wire protocol and by standard protocols like NFS or CIFS, reducing resource-intensive importing and exporting of data into and out of Hadoop.

Low-Latency, High Bandwidth Networks

Improve the efficiency and performance of your Hadoop cluster with a rock solid network and dedicated networking infrastructure.

Name Node Redundancy

VMware based private clouds provide high-availability for the NameNode using vSphere Fault Tolerance to create a live shadow instance of the NameNode virtual machine.

Horizontally Scalable Stacked Switches

Scale your Hadoop cluster on a self-healing, redundant network with stacked Extreme Networks Switches.

Managed Database Services

If you are using a traditional RDBMS for your post-MapReduce job results, Logicworks will configure and support database clustering and replication, extending our 100% SLA to the contents and availability of your database.

Latest Generation Commodity Hardware

Small differences in commodity hardware can make a difference in the performance of your Hadoop nodes. Logicworks’ dedicated servers, private cloud nodes, and public cloud are all built with the latest generation of commodity hardware.

Dedicated Inter-cluster Communication Interfaces

Network isolation with dedicated VLANs separate the traffic for your Hadoop cluster from other network traffic in your architcture. Bare metal servers and dedicated cloud resources have dedicated interfaces for inter-node traffic.

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