Logicworks has been designing custom, bespoke cloud solutions as a managed hosting and cloud computing provider for over a decade. From private and public cloud hosting, to high-availability infrastructure services for savvy, high-growth clients, we make it our highest priority to ensure that our clients' applications and websites are up and running.

This approach to our customers and their businesses drives everything we do at Logicworks: from the engineers we hire, to the technologies we adopt, to the systems we build to manage your applications.

The result? You get the most reliable, flexible, and personal service imaginable. You get solutions and support that are never watered down while gaining total confidence in your complex infrastructure.

Logicworks strategy of "The Cloud Your Way" as a core competency evolved out of surviving the dot-com era of the late nineties and observing the phenomenon that clients with the most critical systems required custom solutions and had the highest standards of performance and availability. They were also our smartest and most enjoyable clients to work with.

Working with the most successful Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, e-commerce businesses, ad platforms, and high-traffic content providers, we have become experts in designing and maintaining infrastructures to support the mission-critical applications of our diverse, global client base. As the nature of the IT industry and our clients' business needs have changed, we have similarly evolved to meet the current demands. With cloud technologies and adoption moving to the vanguard of IT delivery, we have remained steadfast in staying ahead of the curve to best serve our clients' needs now and in the future. That, and our engineers are real geeks for this stuff.

The Logicworks Way: People First

Our culture is built on the philosophy that our people — our systems administrators, client services teams, operations groups and client relationships — drive every aspect of our success. We recognize that to be successful we need to be accountable and transparent to the people we interact with everyday: our clients and each other. The result is a fun, dedicated, group of staff and clients who love technology and work together to achieve maximum availability. See what our clients have to say here

Th e Most Qualified Engineers

With an average of 6+ years of Network Operations Center (NOC) experience, Logicworks engineers not only have the specific skills to accomplish complex tasks, but the hands-on, in-the-trenches experience that is essential when confronting a situation that no one has ever seen before. No amount of complexity or sophistication in automated systems can ever replace the role of the skilled operator: human intelligence, informed by experience, remains the key differentiator in keeping critical systems up and running.

Our clients benefit by being able to tap into vast levels of expertise without having to hire full time staff to master topics such as load-balancing, high-availability clustering, security, data recovery, VMware, Microsoft or Red Hat administration, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL or MySQL database administration. Working with us, you gain access to these qualified Logicworks engineers without long wait times or frustrating escalation paths.

The Most Reliable & Innovative Solutions

When Logicworks collaborates with its clients to help them design architecture for their application, we walk through each aspect of the design to determine what happens in the event that any one component fails. In almost all cases, Logicworks implements solutions with devices in paired configurations, where not only a server itself can fail, but all the devices within its fault domain can fail as well. In other cases, where uptime is absolutely paramount, Logicworks can design and implement true multi-site high-availability, where an entire data center can go offline without interrupting the flow of traffic and transactions. Redundancy is not only Logicworks credo, it's what allows us to have great relationships with our customers, and enables them to absorb the inevitable hiccups and bumps of typical Internet operations without breaking a sweat.

This search for ever-increasing reliability drives a spirit of innovation at Logicworks and clients look to us to make new technologies work reliably for their business. The value of Logicworks is not just what we can do now, but what we will be able do in the future. The momentum of innovation is deeply ingrained in our culture, and we are always looking for more reliable, more cost-effective, and more scalable ways of delivering everything we offer.

We believe that only through exclusive focus on our core mission, keeping critical Internet applications up and running all the time, can we provide clear value to our clients, better than any other provider, and better than clients doing it themselves, acting as a true partner to their business.